Luxury lifestyle accessories, designed by artisans with down to earth sensibility and aesthetics, and manufactured in Pakistan from premium leather and sturdy wool. Our products are created to inspire, motivate, and simplify, all while serving practical everyday needs.

Fetson's clothing and clothing accessory designers try to strike the correct balance between minimalism and sophistication, while being useful and pragmatic. The way we address this challenge is design collaboration. Original sketchwork is translated into prototypes, which then go through dozens of design iterations, before a final design is manufactured.

The result is practical design with a rich blend of personality and purity.

To do our designs justice we source quality materials that are assembled by select artisans. A sense of craft and use of traditional techniques lend the pieces a soft and decidedly human touch.

Our Goals


Leather and Wool

Premium leather is combined with rich wool to form a design foundation, which are then complemented with cloth and metals to form the backbone for our lifestyle accessory products.

Our Goals

Design Process

Iterative Design

Each Fetson product begins with a question – how can we help address the daily lifestyle needs of our customers?  We work toward an iterative process of combining form and function to address those needs.


We host roundtable all-hands creative brainstorming sessions, taking note of different ideas and healthy debates to arrive at the core of what we are trying to achieve.  Our team turns these ideas into pencil sketches, and repeats this process of design feedback, until the Fetson product is ready (for manufacture).